CASEI ECO-SYSTEM firmly believes in the use of recycled rubber, which is why since 2022 it has opened its second Italian production plant in Monteprandone, whose main production is for the manufacture of recycled rubber rolls and sheets for different sectors, the most important of which are construction, acoustics and professional sports flooring.
Thanks to this new, high-tech plant, CASEI ECO-SYSTEM has greatly expanded its product range and production capacity.
The new plant is equipped with innovative, state-of-the-art technologies, highly automated production lines in order to ensure quality and compliance with the strict technical and performance characteristics that have always distinguished the products made by the brand CASEI ECO-SYSTEM. Hand in hand with the quality of the product, in an increasingly global market, the quality of the packaging must be aligned; to support this idea CASEI ECO-SYSTEM has sustained major investments on packaging lines, as well as on the storage area, to offer its customers the possibility of availing themselves of just-in-time deliveries for the most in-demand formats.
Taking a long-term view with the opening of the second plant in Monteprandone, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, CASEI ECO-SYSTEM acquires greater flexibility in terms of production capacity and quality and adds an important asset in the range completion of its production. This is an important strategic development for the company, in keeping with its values in terms of both quality and eco-sustainability, which have always distinguished its products and its own vision of the green economy.


Via dell’Industria, 50
63076 Monteprandone (AP) Italy

Stabilimento Monteprandone