Street furniture

Street furniture

Discover innovative street furniture solutions that improve the aesthetics and functionality of public spaces. Discover our products made from environmentally sustainable materials such as SBR recycled rubber, ideal for parks, plazas and pedestrian areas. Choose quality and sustainability to make cities more welcoming and livable.

Sustainable Street Furniture Solutions

Our street furniture solutions are designed to enhance public spaces, ensuring durability and attractive design. We use recycled SBR rubber from end-of-life tires (ELTs) to make benches, individual seats, planters and other street furniture. These materials not only offer durability, but also contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing waste and promoting recycling.

High Quality Materials

Street furniture made from recycled SBR rubber is weather-resistant, easy to maintain and safe for users. SBR rubber offers excellent non-slip and impact-absorbing properties, making it ideal for use in high-traffic public spaces. Our product range also includes options in EPDM-colored rubber, which add an aesthetic touch and added strength.

Innovative and Functional Design

We design street furniture elements that combine aesthetics and functionality, enhancing the user experience in public spaces. Our ergonomic benches and planters with modern designs are perfect for creating cozy and uncluttered environments. Each product is designed to blend harmoniously into the urban context, offering practical and visually striking solutions.

Choose high quality and sustainable street furniture solutions from CASEI ECO-SYSTEM means investing in the future of our cities. With our recycled SBR rubber and EPDM rubber products, you can help create more beautiful, safe and functional public spaces. Explore our online catalog and discover all the options available to improve the urban environment with innovative and durable solutions.