Gym flooring

Gym flooring

Recycled rubber gym flooring offers strength, durability and excellent shock-absorbing ability. Ideal for many athletic uses, it is often used in weight-lifting areas, but it is also well suited for free-body training or calisthenics. It protects the floor and reduces noise. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, it is easy to install and involves little maintenance.

Rubber Flooring for Gyms – Safety and Performance

Welcome to CASEI ECO-SYSTEM a leading manufacturer of recycled rubber sports flooring. Our solutions are designed to ensure optimal safety and performance in gyms. We offer shock-absorbing, wear-resistant and slip-resistant flooring that is ideal for all types of sporting activities, from fitness to weightlifting and all free-body activities included in the wellness world. Our flooring improves impact absorption, reducing the risk of injury and creating a safe environment for all users. We make products from SBR rubber, derived from end-of-life tires (ELTs), paying close attention to quality so as to combine robustness and comfort, thus ensuring a long service life.

By choosing CASEI ECO-SYSTEM, you opt for quality and sustainability, with products that are environmentally friendly and long-lasting. Our gymnasium floors are easy to install and maintain, offering a great solution for both commercial and private gyms. What’s more, our floors are available in a variety of colors, thicknesses and patterns, allowing for customization that perfectly fits your needs.

Transform your sports space with our innovative solutions and discover all the options available to improve the safety and functionality of your environment. Visit the website sections for more details and choose the quality of CASEI ECO-SYSTEM for your sports needs. With our experience, we can guarantee you products that not only improve performance, but also contribute to a safe and sustainable training environment.