Special projects to customer specifications

The art of designing your success!
From design to mass production of the product through experience gained in more than two decades.

CASEI ECO-SYSTEM distinguishes itself in the pursuit of innovative and sustainable solutions through its dedication to quality and attention to detail.
Right from the choice of materials, excellence is our imperative. Through rigorous testing and extensive research, we carefully select each component that will be used in our projects.
The same meticulous attention is paid to the projects that our Clients entrust to us. All our know-how, developed over more than two decades dedicated to the processing of recycled rubber, is at your complete disposal to accompany you in your search for functional and high-performance solutions that fully meet your specific needs.
This meticulous care extends to every stage of the production process, guaranteeing our customers excellent results that fully meet their needs.
We will follow you step by step, from the development of the conceptual idea to the realization of the finished product. We will take care of every aspect, from prototyping to production management, to deliver you a product that reflects your expectations in every detail.
We turn your ideas into ECOPROJECT of success!

Available services:

  • Design phase:
    – Analysis of customer needs
    – Concept development
    – Technical design
    – Prototyping

  • Implementation phase:
    – Production management
    – Quality control