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Anti-Trauma Flooring:
Innovative Solutions for Security and Aesthetics

Recycled rubber anti-trauma flooring is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to provide safety and comfort in a variety of contexts, especially sports related to wellness and specific workouts such as Cross Training or Calisthenichs. One of the aspects that is not always thought about regarding the installation of these floors is the need to handle thermal expansion and movements generated during sports activities. In this article, we will explore how the ECO-GYM LOCK system can solve these challenges, improving not only safety, but also aesthetics and ease of cleaning.
Thermal expansion is a common phenomenon that can affect flooring, especially those made from materials such as recycled rubber. Temperature variations, both in summer and winter, can cause movement in the slabs, creating cracks and discontinuities that compromise both the aesthetic appearance and safety of the pavement. In addition, during sports activity, repetitive movements may accentuate this effect, necessitating an appropriate fixation solution.
In fact, in most cases, recycled rubber non-trauma flooring is laid in simple support on the underlying subgrade. This laying mode offers countless advantages but, on the other hand, does not limit plate movement caused by temperature changes or repeated mechanical stress.

The ECO-GYM LOCK System: A Revolution in the Laying of Anti-Trauma Flooring for Sports Environments

The ECO-GYM LOCK system is an innovative solution to address these challenges. This system involves the use of specially designed mechanical anchor plates to secure the corners of recycled rubber shockproof tiles by means of special housings. Thanks to this locking mechanism, the tiles remain firmly in place, minimizing the formation of cracks and ensuring an even and secure surface. It is also possible to decide whether to attach, by means of dowels, the anchor plate to the floor underneath or to simply lay the system flat. Flexibility at the highest level!
In addition to improving the stability of the floor, the ECO-GYM LOCK system offers numerous advantages. First, it greatly simplifies cleaning operations, as it reduces the presence of open spaces where dirt and debris can accumulate while keeping the gaps between plates “closed” at all times. This not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the pavement, but also helps preserve its durability by protecting the edges of the plates and reducing the need for maintenance work.
The use of this fixing system further improves the safety of the area by reducing the risk of unwanted movement of the plates so that there is always a uniform walking surface. This creates a safer environment for anyone using the flooring, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries during physical activity.
The ECO-GYM LOCK system is an effective solution for optimizing the safety, aesthetics and maintenance of recycled rubber anti-trauma flooring. With this innovative fastening system, challenges related to thermal expansion can be successfully addressed by quickly and durably securing plates to each other.
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