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World Record Squat on CASEI ECO-SYSTEM Flooring

During the prestigious Rimini Wellness 2024 event, Zahir Khudayarov set a new world record for squat with 500 kg. This extraordinary result was achieved on one of our innovative pavements, ECO-GYM TOP LOCK, using recycled rubber from end-of-life tires. A feat that is unbelievable!

Zahir Khudayarov and the Squat Record

Zahir Khudayarov is a name that resonates with great respect in the powerlifting world. His participation in Rimini Wellness, one of the most important events in the fitness and wellness scene, added further prestige to the event. Khudayarov lifted 500 kg, setting a new world record for his weight class in the squat, an exercise that requires maximum strength, technique and concentration.

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ECO-GYM TOP LOCK: Our Sustainable Powerlifting Flooring.

Khudayarov’s record was achieved on a surface ECO-GYM TOP LOCK, one of our most innovative and sustainable floorings. ECO-GYM TOP LOCK is made from SBR rubber, obtained from end-of-life tires. This surface offers excellent impact absorption and stability properties, which are essential to ensure the safety and performance of high-level athletes.Available in multiple thicknesses, it is particularly stable due to the use of the unique mechanical fastening system that binds the plates to each other.

Our flooring as ECO-GYM TOP LOCK represent the future of sports infrastructure, combining environmental sustainability and high performance. Choosing to use recycled materials not only reduces environmental impact, but also offers a high-quality solution to the needs of sportsmen and women.

The Importance of Quality Infrastructure in Powerlifting

In powerlifting, the quality of the flooring is crucial to the success and safety of the athletes. A suitable surface must provide stability, strength and effective shock absorption. ECO-GYM TOP LOCK has proven to possess all these characteristics, making it ideal for high-level competitions. Having to work with a 500 kg barbell is proof of that!

Zahir Khudayarov’s performance on one of our innovative floors underscores the importance of having state-of-the-art infrastructure to support athletes in their pursuit of excellence. The synergy between the athlete and technology is key to pushing the limits of what is possible and reaching new heights.

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Rimini Wellness: The Stage of Excellence in Fitness

Rimini Wellness is one of the most important international events in the field of fitness, wellness and sports. Each year, it attracts thousands of visitors and industry professionals, offering a unique experience of workshops, exhibitions and competitions. It is the ideal place to launch new trends and technologies in the fitness world. For more information about the event, visit the official website of Rimini Wellness.

A Sustainable Future for Powerlifting

Khudayarov’s feat at Rimini Wellness marks a turning point for the powerlifting world. The use of our sustainable flooring as an ECO-GYM TOP LOCK represents a step toward a future in which sustainability and sports performance are closely linked. This innovation could become the standard for future competitions, offering athletes safe, high-performance surfaces.

Khudayarov’s success is not only a personal achievement, but also an example of how innovation can improve the world of sports. The combination of recycled materials and advanced technologies proves that it is possible to achieve great results while respecting the environment.

What will be the next goals?

The 500-pound squat record set by Zahir Khudayarov at Rimini Wellness is a feat that will remain in powerlifting history.

Zahir Khudayarov proved that with talent, determination and the right technological support, any limit can be overcome. His record is an inspiration to all athletes and a reminder of the importance of a sustainable approach in sports infrastructure.

We wonder what new challenges await Zahir Khudayarov after this outstanding record at Rimini Wellness. What new goals will the powerlifting champion set for himself in his athletic future?

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