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How to be able to choose the right grain size of anti-trauma flooring

Let’s analyze a crucial element in choosing the right anti-trauma tile: the difference between Medium Granule and Powdered. Let’s talk specifically about the type of SBR granule grain size with which the anti-trauma plates normally used for flooring in gyms, fitness areas or children’s playgrounds are created. The different size of the granule used influences the structure itself, aesthetic appearance and performance of the tiles.
Therefore, it is most important to inform yourself in advance so that you can choose the solution that best suits your needs.

“Medium Granule” is made from recycled SBR rubber grains (derived from end-of-life tires) with a size of less than three millimeters, offers good drainage and is therefore ideal for use in outdoor environments. Its rough surface provides excellent adhesion but may require more difficult cleaning.

The “Powder” is made from an SBR powder with a size of less than one millimeter, this gives a “velvety” and compact appearance to the surface of the tile. It is often used for indoor applications due to the more refined aesthetics combined with an easier-to-clean surface as it is less rough; wear resistance is also higher in this type of non-trauma flooring.

Both materials feed into the same production process, but it is the grain size that determines the crucial differences.

The choice between Medium Granule and Powdered depends on the specific needs of the project and the environmental conditions and intended use. For this reason, there is no one version better than the other, but starting from the needs of the project, it is possible to select the most suitable product.

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