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Introduction to Anti-Trauma Flooring

Trauma-resistant flooring has become an essential element in settings such as playgrounds, fitness areas and wellness spaces. This pavement not only offers safety and security, but also environmental sustainability through the use, in significant percentages, of materials such as recycled rubber from end-of-life tires.
The plates, or tiles, that generally make up this type of flooring are in fact made using rubber granule mixed with resins and other binders.

Advantages of Anti-Trauma Flooring

Choosing to use non-trauma flooring leads to numerous benefits in terms of both safety and sustainability. It is designed to minimize the risk of injury during physical activity due to its shock-absorbing capabilities and provide a safe and comfortable surface for the performance of many activities both recreational and sports, but it is also an ethical choice geared toward a sustainable and “green” vision.

Safety and Security

The main characteristic of anti-trauma flooring is its ability to absorb impacts, reducing the risk of injury during physical activity or play. Aspect of primary importance in both repeated concussive activities (sports) and accidental falls (playgrounds).
The grip offered by the recycled rubber non-trauma flooring is also a plus that should not be underestimated. Indeed, it is possible to choose whether to have a smoother or less smooth surface by selecting the granule size used to make the plate. Examples of this are the lines ECO-GYM and ECO-GYM TOP; the former is made with medium-grain powder and has a rougher surface while the latter, made with fine-grain powder has a very smooth, easy-to-clean and aesthetically appealing surface.

Environmental Sustainability

The use of recycled rubber in anti-trauma paving contributes to the process of reusing the granule obtained from tires at the end of their life and is therefore a practice with a reduced environmental impact with a strong “green” vocation because recycled rubber is an environmentally friendly and durable material that makes it possible to reduce the extraction of natural resources and promote the circular economy.

Applications of Anti-Trauma Flooring

Watchword versatility. In fact, anti-trauma flooring is suitable for a wide range of applications, including playgrounds, gyms, outdoor fitness areas and wellness spaces. These environments benefit from the combination of safety, comfort and sustainability offered by this type of product, which can be made in multiple thicknesses, shapes and sizes.
Let us go on to analyze, specifically, the characteristics of the different uses:


In playgrounds, non-trauma flooring creates a safe and welcoming environment for children to play. It reduces the risk of injury in case of falls and provides a soft, comfortable surface on which to run and have fun. The anti-trauma flooring used in this context must comply with specific regulations to ensure that the thickness of the flooring is consistent with the type of games installed in the park; in fact, it is important to calculate the height from which a child could fall.

Fitness and Wellness Areas

In fitness and wellness spaces, non-trauma flooring provides ideal support for physical activity and training. Its impact-absorbing ability protects joints during exercises, but also absorbs the impact of barbells resting on the floor. Both outdoors and indoors, there are many sports disciplines that enjoy the benefits of recycled rubber anti-trauma flooring to raise the level of performance and enjoyment to the highest level.

Alternatives and conclusions

We are used to seeing anti-trauma flooring laid in the form of square or at most rectangular tiles. Although it is the most popular and widely used version in reality it is possible to choose alternative solutions to achieve a different aesthetic appearance.
We bring as an example the possibility of using a unique hexagonal-shaped plate as ECO-GYM TOP ESA which makes it possible to cover 1.15 square meters with a single plate, obtaining a honeycomb laying pattern with great aesthetic impact.
But you can also choose roll flooring such as ECO-GYM ROLL which with the standard height of 1.25 meters and lengths, dependent on thickness, between 6 and 10 linear meters reduces the number of joints and speeds up laying. It can also be a perfect solution for temporary applications.

In conclusion, we can say that recycled rubber anti-trauma flooring is an ideal solution for ensuring safety, comfort and sustainability in a wide variety of applications. The possibility of configuring the characteristics of the flooring by changing its shape, thickness, height and grain size, the strong vocation oriented to sustainability make this solution the most trodden flooring at any age in moments of relaxation, sports and fun.