The Athletics Track was a great success!

At the end of March, precisely on 23, 24 and 25 February, Liberamente took place at Bologna Fiere: Exhibition of leisure time, entertainment, sport and outdoor life (visit the event link).

The 2024 edition saw a large turnout of people who tried countless recreational and sporting activities for the entire duration of the event Among the many attractions offered, the athletics track was a huge success, allowing hundreds of children (and some adults) to compete in time trials carried out with professional setup but a light spirit.

The Italian Athletics Federation (Fidal) always organizes things in the best possible way!

For this reason, the replica of the athletics track inside the exhibition pavilion, created also thanks to the substrate produced by Casei Eco-System, faithfully reproduces all the characteristics required for this type of application. There was everything, absolutely everything! Not only the carefully constructed surface but also lanes, starting blocks and timing photocells.

This allowed participants to try their hand at sprinting on the 30 meter long track. It wasn’t important coming first or second place, but rather being there and putting yourself to the test. Fun was the glue that made the event a success.

The athletics track was built using a recycled rubber mat called ECO-SPORT ROLL specially designed to act as a foundation and be incorporated into a sandwich of resin and adhesives. This mix leads to having an ideal surface to be able to express all the speed that the legs can impart.

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