THE CUSTOM TAILOR-MADE SOLUTION For you and your neighbors.

The ECO-BUILDING line features ECO-FON and ECO-WALL advanced products designed for sound insulation of floors, flooring, and walls.


We will take care of putting you in complete safety from every blow!

ECO-BULLET is the line dedicated to the safety of shooting ranges. It includes ECO-SHOOT and ECO-TRAP ideal solutions for ballistic walls and flooring.


Children’s safety demands great solutions

Eco Fun is the line of our products dedicated to children’s safety and fun. The range includes Eco-Soft, Eco-Soft Tile, Eco-Ground, Eco-Pav,Eco-Mushroom, Eco-Ball, Eco-Planet, Eco-Drum, Eco-Drum Slim, Eco-Bong, Eco-Border, and Eco-Safe Corner. We are dealing with flooring and anti-trauma equipments for playgrounds and outdoor play areas.


In the city, safety and beauty must go hand in hand

ECO-URBAN branded products include ECO-BOLLARD LINE, ECO-TRUCK STOP, ECO-PLANTER, ECO-CUBE and ECO-BENCHES. Items for safety and urban design solutions, that combine in an extraordinary way functionality, creativity, and aesthetics.


Wellness, first of all!

is a product line designed with the aim of improving and facilitating sports activities. A solution for every need, such as gyms, weight lifting areas and rehabilitation centers. Anywhere comfort and safety are the reasons for everything.

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