Manufacturing Process


The current market tendencies are marked by an increased worry about the environment and new European Community legislation, combined with the need to reduce production costs. It is from these factors that a need was born to extend the life-cycle of many prime materials, and to consider the refuse as a new resource, to obtain new prime materials, even different ones from in their origin. Casei Eco-System uses a recycling technology which, through a process of re-agglomeration, lets waste be transformed into valuable new products. This technology is already widespread in areas of the world such as Northern Europe and the United States. Casei Eco-System, thanks to the in depth knowledge of its technical staff and consultants and thanks to its research of innovative technologies, is constantly involved in the development of new products, with a decisive impact on the communities where they are used, also in the more general sense of sustainable development and environmental protection. Because the future of the environment is in our and your hands.

the main headquarters and manufacturing facilities of Casei Eco-System


The Casei Eco-System plant and manufacturing facilities are amongst the most advanced and innovative in its sector and uses technologies considered amongst the most advanced vanguard available to the market today. Our plant can be considered to have “zero-impact” on the environment, since the refuse it generates can be reused. Casei Eco-System posed as its primary goal the rebirth of waste materials through innovative and sustainable processes which allow the reduction of environmental impact. Because it is one thing to speak about the environment. It is a whole other to put the environment at the center of it all.

samples of production of Casei Eco-System