Eco-Soft impact absorbing paving tiles are certified EN1177:2008 and are a part of our ECO-FUN product range created to guarantee elevated safety levels for children. It is ideal for playgrounds and play areas where it is necessary to absorb shock from fall from a specific height.

Composed of granules of recycled rubber derived from end-of-life tires, Eco-Soft is easy to install with an assembly system based on Teflon connectors. It meets international norms EN 1177:2008, EN 1021-1, EN 1021-2, and EN71 part 3. It drains easily and dries quickly.


The table below lists all the models of Eco-Soft with the relative dimensions and characteristics of each.

Thickness (mm) Tile Dimensions (mm) HIC EN1177:2008 (m) Weight (kg/mq) Mq per pallet 30 500×500 (without connectors) 500×1000 (without connectors) 1000×1000 (without connectors) 1,00 22,6 30 35 500×500 (without connectors) 500×1000 (without connectors) 1000×1000 (without connectors) 1,22 26,2 30 40 500×500 500×1000 1000×1000 (without connectors) 1,25 31,1 25 45 500×500 500×1000 1000×1000 (without connectors) 1,46 32,4 20 50 500×500 500×1000 1000×1000 (without connectors) 1,62 36,7 20 55 500×500 – – 1,90 43,4 20 60 500×500 – – 1,81 47,6 18 70 500×500 – – 2,00 51,6 15 80 500×500 – – 2,24 63,5 12 90 500×500 – – certification pending 76,8 10 100 500×500 – – 2,65 85,3 10

testing of the Eco-Soft tiles


Each thickness of surfacing is tested with the specific tools necessary to guarantee the high standard of quality necessary for all products intended for safety and protection.


The sub-base layer must be sufficiently solid to host the flooring and be perfectly level. Reinforced concrete is our suggestion to best guarantee the investment for the longest period, with a minimum thickness of at least 8cm and a welded wire mesh. The surface should have 1% grade for proper drainage. The connection system is designed to guarantee the alignment of the single tiles, allowing for a correct positioning at the exact fall height required under each piece of equipment, thus permitting the most precise estimates possible.

Eco-Soft installation diagrams

Typical section of installation with constant level and varying thickness tiles of ECO-SOFT with Teflon connectors

section diagram

Typical section of ECO-SOFT resting and glued on a uniform sub-base with Teflon connectors

installation with lateral inclines

Example of installation with open and closed corners and lateral incline.

installation variations

Example of installation with different available tile dimensions.

Installation using Teflon connectors guarantees speed, ease and precision of the installation, with long lasting quality and excellent characteristics to reduce slipping and falling! For solutions installed upon the final surface level, the lateral inclined borders allow the levels to be bridged. Internal and external corners are also available to permit the composition of every possibility of perimeter.

installation of Eco-Soft

The standard Eco-Soft production is based on five different colors. The use of highest quality pigments means that the colors are vibrant as well as being resistant to the damaging effects of UV radiation.

It is also possible to use custom colors for unique paving designs and effects as well as to decorate the surface with personalized graphics.

Eco-Soft custom decorations

Eco-Soft special designs

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